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Transitioning into society is a new and foreign concept to a lot of our clients freshly coming in. However, we like to give back and give our clients the opportunity to feel the enormous benefits of volunteering. It helps our clients feel a part of the community and teaches them new and valuable skills. Volunteering can also help protect their mental and physical health.
We provide local transportation in Brevard County, including Melbourne, Palm Bay, Indialantic, Satellite Beach, Indian Harbour Beach and Viera. We cater to our clients who require a way of getting to, but not limited, meetings, doctor's appointments, court appearances and emergencies.
Our clients' feelings and concerns about family, friends, health and work deserve attention. We provide counseling that gives them the opportunity in a quite and supportive environment to take the time to stop, think, and plan. With our dedicated staff, they can gain the tools they need for a new awareness and to learn and deal with their challenges on a day-to-day basis.
We are not required to manage life "on our own." Especially when we must deal with life "on life's terms." Therapy can help our clients learn about their self and develop new skills to solve life's problems as well as support their personal development.
We help our clients with clothing donations directly and indirectly with help from local non-profit organizations. These donations help our clients' transition back into society by clothing themselves with attire appropriate for everyday wear, court appearances, and job interviews.
We realize that staying well nourished is an intricate part of anyone's recovery. As a result of our coordination, we have donations of food, as well as, contacts from local non-profit organizations to help assist those who need help with getting food.

About Us

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Edward Green

Edward Green

Edward's experience as a manager of faith- based recovery houses and as a recovering addict with many years of experience from dealing with recovering people has given him a unique ability to create an organization specifically tailored for people who have become caught-up in...

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Gregg C.

I first met Edward when I was in Florida back in 2013, we never talked then I just heard him speak of how he was involved in running a recovery house. I liked what he had to say, and I thought that his approach was different than most programs I had been in, but we never did talk and it wasn’t until April of this year that I needed a place to stay and a place where I could stay clean and sober for...

Mark Dooner

I came to the Green House 16 months ago. At the time I had relapsed after having a few years clean. My relapse left me completely demoralized and full of shame and regret. Mr. Green offered me a bed at his new comer house and for that I will be eternally grateful. The house along with the other recovering addicts as roommates provided a safe place for me to resume my recovery. Meeting each morning...

Rosario Rizzo

I went to jail, institution, then instead of going out to die I came to the Greenhouses. With the help of Eddie Green, and the N/A program. It allowed me to start building a foundation on my road to recovery. Today with 10 months clean and serene and a path of stability ahead of me. I can see clearer now.

Ricky P.

Eddie has helped me tremendously with my recovery. When I was first introduced to recovery back in 2011, it was hard for me to put together any more than 60 days clean. I could not get along with any of the other clients or the staff members. In February of 2012, I was brought to a recovery house managed by Eddie and it literally changed my life. He was quickly able to recognize my personality type...

Frequently Asked Questions

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01. Do you only offer transitional housing for recovering addicts?

Yes, from every addiction.

02. Do you have any programs of recovery for women?

We have one woman's house.

03. Are the houses mixed with both women and men?

No co-ed houses.

04. Are there any programs for single parents with children?

We help all.

05. I don't have any money. Do I need to pay for my housing in advance?

Payment arrangements can be arranged if you qualify.

Our Mission

We, at the Green Houses only want the best for our clients.

Established in 2013, The Green Houses, Inc. was and is a conceptualization of Edward Green. Edward's experience as a manager of faith-based recovery houses, and as a recovering addict with many years of experience from dealing with recovering people, has given him a unique ability to create an organization specifically tailored to people who have become caught up in the cycle-of-addiction.

Our client-base has now been expanded to include people who are struggling with life's problems, as well as on an addictive nature. Through experience, we have found that one is basically inseparable from the other. We, at the Green Houses only want the best fo rour clients. Our hope is for your succesful reintroduction back into a normal and healthy lifestyle.