Gregg C.

I first met Edward when I was in Florida back in 2013, we never talked then I just heard him speak of how he was involved in running a recovery house. I liked what he had to say, and I thought that his approach was different than most programs I had been in, but we never did talk and it wasn’t until April of this year that I needed a place to stay and a place where I could stay clean and sober for a while to sort some things out in my life. Eddie never asked me for anything, he told one of his guys to take me to get my things and bring me back to his first level house. Once I was there he gave me a chance to settle in and then we had a conversation about what it was I wanted to do then he told me what he expected from me in return. I only bring this up because I feel that it worth mentioning his first reaction wasn’t one of monetary concerns but more, one of making sure I had a safe place to remain until I got my head on straight. Right away in order to show my appreciation I got down to business, and started to put back the pieces of my life that were important to me, all along with Eddie, reminding me that my recovery must come first or else nothing else I do will last, since I had been coming around the N/A program for a long time, I knew that what he was telling me, was true.

What I would like to say about my experience at Greenhouse’s inc. is it gave me room to grow, I continued to do my part on a daily basis and eventually my life came back to a place where I am comfortable with what I doing right now, and my attitude is one of the best is still yet to come. I feel I owe a debt of gratitude to greenhouse’s inc. and I plan on trying to give back, what was given to me. I want to be there whenever someone reaches out their hand and asks for a hand up. I feel it is my responsibility to do the best with my life so I can be there to help the new guy when he comes to us feeling lost and that nothing he can do will work, I feel I need to be an example of just how much the program has done for me, and my family.

Mark Dooner

I came to the Green House 16 months ago. At the time I had relapsed after having a few years clean. My relapse left me completely demoralized and full of shame and regret. Mr. Green offered me a bed at his new comer house and for that I will be eternally grateful.
The house along with the other recovering addicts as roommates provided a safe place for me to resume my recovery. Meeting each morning for meditation got me refocused on recovery. Going to 90 meetings in 90 days got me reconnected to addicts in recovery. Even the daily chores helped giving me some structure on a daily basis. Volunteering helped me give back.
The Green Houses got me to all my doctor's appointments and took us as a group to our meetings.
It has now been, 16 months since I have had a drink or a drug and I cannot stress this enough how much the Green House has played a part in my recovery. The house and the program gave me a strong foundation to continue my recovery.

Mark Dooner

Rosario Rizzo

I went to jail, institution, then instead of going out to die I came to the Greenhouses. With the help of Eddie Green, and the N/A program. It allowed me to start building a foundation on my road to recovery. Today with 10 months clean and serene and a path of stability ahead of me. I can see clearer now.

Ricky P.

Eddie has helped me tremendously with my recovery. When I was first introduced to recovery back in 2011, it was hard for me to put together any more than 60 days clean. I could not get along with any of the other clients or the staff members.

In February of 2012, I was brought to a recovery house managed by Eddie and it literally changed my life. He was quickly able to recognize my personality type and handled me appropriately. His good judgment and leadership helped me establish a feeling of being a part of. I soon developed a desire to want to get involved with my recovery and stay clean. I know that God has blessed me with a new way of life, but surely my higher power put Eddie in my life to help guide me and get me on the road to recovery.

Even after my graduation from the program, Eddie regularly stays in contact with me and continues to be a major part of my recovery.

Thanks for everything Eddie,
Ricky P.

Our Mission

We, at the Green Houses only want the best for our clients.

Established in 2013, The Green Houses, Inc. was and is a conceptualization of Edward Green. Edward's experience as a manager of faith-based recovery houses, and as a recovering addict with many years of experience from dealing with recovering people, has given him a unique ability to create an organization specifically tailored to people who have become caught up in the cycle-of-addiction.

Our client-base has now been expanded to include people who are struggling with life's problems, as well as on an addictive nature. Through experience, we have found that one is basically inseparable from the other. We, at the Green Houses only want the best fo rour clients. Our hope is for your succesful reintroduction back into a normal and healthy lifestyle.